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The true connoisseur of whiskey knows just how important it is to find the right brand. Many of our loyal customers know exactly which whiskey is their favorite, but are always interested in trying something new and different. Whiskey, when done right, is an exploration of taste and tone that is to be savored and sipped in style. As such, at Village Spirits of Salado, TX we carry the area’s widest selection of whiskeys and spirits to ensure that each of our customers is able to find their favorite here in-store.

Some of the most popular brands of whiskey that we carry at Village Spirit include Bird Dog Whiskey, Black Velvet Canadian, Canadian Hunter, Canadian Mist, Forty Creek, Gentleman Jack, Glenfiddich, Jack Daniel’s, Jameson, Macallan, Rich & Rare Canadian, Crown Royal, Johnny Walker, Seagrams, and Canadian Club. These wonderful brands can be enjoyed on their own or with the perfect mixer, either straight up or on the rocks. To learn more, visit our whiskey sales team and discover the world of whiskey.

When you visit Village Spirits in Salado, TX you are not visiting just any old liquor store. Instead, you are stepping into a place where fine spirits like vodka, rum, tequila, gin, bourbon, liqueurs, and more are celebrated and revered. Liquor is the perfect celebratory drink or after-dinner accompaniment. We are able to recommend some wonderful cocktail recipes and even carry a variety of easy-to-mix mixers.

Whether around the holidays or for any old occasion, visit Village Spirits to find the finest selection of whiskey around!

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